The Exited Door

by Kirk Hamilton

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released February 1, 2009



all rights reserved


Kirk Hamilton San Francisco, California

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Track Name: Intro: The Exited Door
It ended the day
that the road came around
and we couldn’t walk anymore
without the way of our feet
forward into retreat,
yeah, back through the exited door

So here’s where the chart
of our memory starts
the people, the places, before
these angels and demons
man, you should’ve seen ‘em
Alright, let’s go through it once more
Track Name: The First Time
Okay, all right, I figured it out
that glint, that smile, you’re thinking about
how you can spin this into romance

My friend I know you and I gotta say
if you don’t spin straight then she’ll run away,
and leave you dizzy and sad

Man you have no idea why you’re alive
You’re young but oh, there is a light in your eyes
You want her, well, then listen
go for the kill, man, this is my advice

That salesman’s old
got holes in his case
‘cuz frankly, this is more than a chase,
slow down, you hare, your turtle is lost

Wooah, when that paintbrush fire
finally dies,
if you don’t paint you’re simply
watching it dry!

This is one trip I wanna to go on,
but all this talk is sinking the afternoon,
chained to the phone, woah-ah-oh

I think it’s time I made up our mind
sure seems strange to question same three signs
So, woah-ah-oh

Try though your heart is true,
things can get away from you
the first time
The dance’s steps are very hard to do,
your feet can get the best of you
the first time

She likes you, man; don’t move too fast
You’ve gotta grab this moment
Don’t rush her, don’t, or it just won’t last
Sure feels close, now, don’t it?

Well, okay, I don’t know what else to say
you’ll probably blow this one anyway
and life will go on

Please stop this thing I wanna get off
all this thinking’s more than I bargained for
I’m hitting a wall, woah-ah-oh

But my math says these thoughts should be enough
if I can sort the truth from the falderal
So, woah-ah-oh

Try though your mind is true,
things can get away from you
the first time
The reasoning is very hard to do,
your heart can get the best of you
The first time

You’re still just passing through,
held in the grip of this moment of failure and time
Track Name: No Crow, Scarecrow
I know you
I know your name
I know your names are the names that
all the birds here like

On Friday
it seems your fame
it seems you’re famous to my
sewn-on button eyes

But when I cast them high
to the threats in the sky

He’s got no chance of flight
Stuck in deep, tied on tight

I do my best to figure out
why all the action is passing me by

I know how easy it looks
in those pulp-printed books

There’s not a threatening sound
Not a bird, not a cloud

And I’m a flannel-clad Clark
with my glasses taped on tight
It’s Monday,
where is my brain?
My straw-filled cranium
Iis far too full to think

The soy rows,
that patch of beets,
the snap peas are in danger
Time to do my thing

So when I look at you there
I’m thinking, “Villains, beware!”

But everybody seems cool
Grow up strong, it’s the rule

There’s not an Audubon thing,
not a beak nor a wing in sight

So I’m a scarecrow
staring down an empty sky

All of the foes that we know
Headed south long ago

I guess I’ll lean on my pole
and I’ll watch as you grow on by
Track Name: You've Changed
When the window washers came down
Though my view was of the same town,
clear enough to see the wall
and the lights that blurred its fall

But if you’re thinking I’m some new child
I don’t like to call you wrong,
but autumn shares the light of dawn

I’ve got problems with this great divide
space and time have made
So don’t you tell it like some nursery rhyme,
some things stay the same

But you’ve changed
That cross you’re bearing, you made,
you carved that letter with a woah-oh-oh
You’ve changed
Though your voice sounds exactly the same
you read that letter with a woah-oh-oh

So I will take this time to shine a light
from my window, through the rain,
past the wall’s remains,
on the man you left behind

‘Cause you’ve changed
And though that time is away,
I can’t just let it go
Yeah you’ve changed
And your doppelganger is strange,
his words sound bitter with a wooah-oh-oh

when the men sweep the rubble away
you’ll return as a Montague
And we’ll face
that the clothes of the Capulets
Were just clothes, they were never you
Some way,
when the windowpane
fills with dirt again
we’ll at least pretend
Until then, well, I won’t see you again

Window, window, on the wall
the view through you’s not fair at all
Decades in the dust can veil
a smiling face becoming pale

When the window ends its time
the fate, the fall, the drape, the night
Passes by to join our history,
withering in the fading light
Track Name: The Mayor
Chester’s in denial
Chester’s in denial
He’s the one we all revile
That’s cuz he’s the one who’s got the most!

Chester’s in Denial
Put the man on trial
He’s the one we all revile
That’s cuz he’s the one we trusted most!

Though his motives weren’t malicious
his decisions were capricious
hope the verdict’s expeditious
Here he comes!!

I was the life of my party
that night when I spoke
when I won what I won

Fought with a knife,
thought my stances were right
with the bulk of my constituents

Over the din
on the day I swore in
I could swear that I heard someone laugh

He must have known
that the honeymoon glow
wouldn’t last but a month and a half

Get ready for a whole situation,
shoulda known then we were sunk
They came together in a strange constellation
a girl and a tape and a trunk

He was a crook,
I’d been warned not to look
to his sizeable coffers for aid

Owned half the town
with the rock and the brown
and the land-buying deals that he made

She was sixteen,
came to me like a dream
without strings but I knew it was wrong

Eager to please,
she got down on her knees
and she flipped it to second and long

Get ready for a new tribulation
The tape recorded on for hours
Like any making-love situation
This one’ll leave some scars

She wanted money that I didn’t have
And he had the video and some demands

Just some guy that he knew needed
killing and quick so I did it I did it
And it still makes me sick!

I can’t live with myself no more,
so I hide from my city,
I hide from the horde

I can’t live with myself any more,
so I hide in my drinking,
I hide in my whores

I can’t live with the man I am,
stuffed that boy in a trunk,
sent my soul on the lam

If you want, try to fix this town,
I’ll just be over here, wondering what’ll bring you down…
Track Name: Lock You In The Attic
If there’s a hitch you’ll work it out
The light is what you’re all about
The day is bright, and the
glare makes my eyes sore,
headache and what’s more,
I don’t know which way to go

So you’re a strange Pygmalion
And just a bit Australian
Seems criminal, call the
CIA hotline
Cuz everything’s not fine
And I don’t know which way to go…

In the night, your worship lies,
in the tongues of blinded eyes

It’s enough that your trace
doesn’t light my way,
but don’t you give me static
or I’ll lock you in the attic

So now’s the night’s receding time
And all my fears feel justified
The light of day, get you
out of my head, girl
the night was a fine world
don’t show me which way to go

In the night your worship lies,
far from light and prying eyes,
so hear my song as you decide

Well it’s enough that your trace
doesn’t blind my way
And if I seem lost,
well, I’m glad you came
And I don’t know why
but the draw remains

But don’t you give me static
my response is automatic
if you’re in it to fan it, girl,
I will lock you in the attic
Track Name: The Bird Women Of Golden Gate Park
Quick of breath and light,
we’re the running
our avian philosophy lies
With the lemons of hollow marrow
would we make lemonade?

So now we fly
the flights of our mothers
fleet of feet we’re passing you by
Blur the time we leave to our brothers
‘cause we can’t stop for them

It’s an honest race
from an awful cage
With another mile we’ll find
That the speed won’t come,
so we run this race
over, and over, and over again

Don’t pity us our fate of momentum,
just keep your own and you might find
your eyes will blur, your speed will present them

The bird women, free from time
Track Name: Down By The Water
We went drinking down by the water
Where the cops could not hear the sound
On my car hood down by the water
in another time

It was evening down by the water
When the town would not hear the sound
Took our clothes off down by the water
It was summertime

Now I’m back here down by the water
In the jungle down by the lake
Wishing I could bring back the water
from that other time

I’ll stay right here ‘till the morning comes,
and they’ll come back to me one by one
Before the rise of this stupid sun
Some way

We all leave our past by the water
And in our absence surface and floor
Cycle until we lose the water
from that other time

But fifteen years isn’t what it was
And I’ll keep waiting here just because
The memory’s strong as it ever was
Though I’m alone with this stupid sun

It’s day
Track Name: Oh, Brother
Oh girl, look what we’ve done,
like breaking his heart was fun
No girl, don’t stare at the sun,
we’re not the only ones, now

You were the only soul I saw,
and that was a warning sign for sure
Took me too long to figure out
but you gave it all without a doubt
like you had been waiting there for

All my life
I’ll be crying
I was trying to be someone
but did not know how
Oh, I’ve lost, I know
for all my life

Oh boy, you were the one,
A brother from summer comes
No boy, it can’t be undone,
The breaking of words has gone, now

We were just sitting there alone
Singing the sweetest song I know
It took me too long to figure out
lost my best friend without a doubt
now I will be waiting here for

All my life
I’ll be crying
I was trying to be someone
but did not know how

Oh, I loved him so
And oh, I hurt them so
And no, I won’t let go
for all my life
Track Name: If You're Feeling Out Of It
So if you’re feeling out of it,
like your confidence has quit
though the grass’s cloud
has all but left your mind

Tell yourself that you’re alive,
out of sight, and out of time
Keep your tangent true
and try, just hold the line

So if you’re feeling out of it,
let your confidence permit
your own real estate
and buy my sound advice

That all this happened long ago,
far from safety, far from home
So take the steel of fate
and parse it out of it
Track Name: I Know, I Know, I Know
There’s a kind of grace I find
when all my mind
can’t unwind

When they ask
the proper line
I have to show I know
I know

Time is time by my design
the clock’s one chime
seems undying

Sleeping in as night kicks in
and dream of ways to show
the things I know
I know

Wait for time of war,
hope that like before,
I will find some peace of mind
in all I know I know

Prob’ly won’t matter, though
I know, I know, I know

Now it’s time for war,
and unlike before,
I can only hide my mind
in all that I don’t know

They’re all still dying, though

I know, I know, I know