The Mayor

from by Kirk Hamilton

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Featuring Dan Apczynski, Vocals


Chester’s in denial
Chester’s in denial
He’s the one we all revile
That’s cuz he’s the one who’s got the most!

Chester’s in Denial
Put the man on trial
He’s the one we all revile
That’s cuz he’s the one we trusted most!

Though his motives weren’t malicious
his decisions were capricious
hope the verdict’s expeditious
Here he comes!!

I was the life of my party
that night when I spoke
when I won what I won

Fought with a knife,
thought my stances were right
with the bulk of my constituents

Over the din
on the day I swore in
I could swear that I heard someone laugh

He must have known
that the honeymoon glow
wouldn’t last but a month and a half

Get ready for a whole situation,
shoulda known then we were sunk
They came together in a strange constellation
a girl and a tape and a trunk

He was a crook,
I’d been warned not to look
to his sizeable coffers for aid

Owned half the town
with the rock and the brown
and the land-buying deals that he made

She was sixteen,
came to me like a dream
without strings but I knew it was wrong

Eager to please,
she got down on her knees
and she flipped it to second and long

Get ready for a new tribulation
The tape recorded on for hours
Like any making-love situation
This one’ll leave some scars

She wanted money that I didn’t have
And he had the video and some demands

Just some guy that he knew needed
killing and quick so I did it I did it
And it still makes me sick!

I can’t live with myself no more,
so I hide from my city,
I hide from the horde

I can’t live with myself any more,
so I hide in my drinking,
I hide in my whores

I can’t live with the man I am,
stuffed that boy in a trunk,
sent my soul on the lam

If you want, try to fix this town,
I’ll just be over here, wondering what’ll bring you down…


from The Exited Door, released February 1, 2009



all rights reserved


Kirk Hamilton San Francisco, California

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